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March 2024

The release notes for March 2024 are:

General modifications:

  • Revised parts of the code that required the use of \heap-arrays:0 for large FE models on Windows. Performance gains by a factor of up to 5 are observed for large models with the new version of numgeo.


  • Constitutive models
    • SANISAND-MFs: All parameters are now available in the interface of the model, including the ones whose default values rarely need to be changed.


  • Revised installation instructions for Windows
  • Added documentation for Sanisand-MSf

February 2024

The release notes for February 2024 are:


  • Procedures

    • It is now possible to automatically transfer linear interpolated brick elements with 8 nodes to tri-quadratic interpolated brick elements with 27 nodes
    • Mixed Implicit/Explicit time integration
  • Elements

  • Constitutive models

    • The HCA implementation now allows to consider multiple strain amplitudes during the high-cycle phase. Length of statev vector reduced to save some RAM.
    • Reimplementation of the Hypo+ISA model
    • Added centered-step-size approximation of the partial derivative of the degree of saturation w.r.t. the capillary pressure \((\partial S^e)/(\partial p_c)\)
    • New model: SANISAND-F
    • New model: SANISAND-MFs
  • Contact

    • Special check for non-converged contact points allowing for better handling of contact points with large distance
    • Improved handling of kinks in surfaces
  • Loads

    • Reduced integration order of load for reduced integrated elements

Resolved bugs:

  • Bugfix in transparent boundary conditions for 3D elements
  • Fixed bug if shell/batch script not existing for user amplitude and user contact
  • Fixed bug in the windows version of the user load file

General modifications:

  • Improved numerical stability in infiltration processes
  • Added statically linked numgeo version
  • Default convergence controls are now of type dof-based, see Reference Manual or the Theory Manual

Corrections Keywords Manual:

  • Updated default values for maximum number of iterations and convergence criteria